Planning a Local Move? Make It's Easy With This Checklist!

Moving is difficult. The thought of picking out the right real estate agent, choosing the right house movers, and then moving in can be tough. 

However, you can have a successful moving day with specific tools without any hassle or breakdowns. 

You can make yourself a customizable moving checklist and personal tasks list, or set email reminders so you can remain organized while you move. 

With our moving planner, you will be starting eight weeks before your move, and you will also receive a lot of helpful recommendations in between, till your moving date. 

We have divided all the tasks into weeks for your ease so that it all does not come pouring down on you all at once. Here are your moving day tasks that we have spread through the course of the weeks:

Eight Weeks

You signed the papers, and the plans are now underway. This is when you figure out the logistics of how you will be moving from one home to the other and planning what will happen once you step into your new home. 

First, you will be researching moving companies through the Better Business Bureau. 

If you would instead go for a company tried and tested by your friends and family, you can opt for that.

 However, if you do not have anyone in the family who can help you out with that, you can check out EVOM. 

Their web application is an excellent way to connect with legitimate moving companies that are licensed and insured, so you know that their employees are experienced. 

The company will be responsible if anything happens to your belongings. However, before you go on to hire house movers, make sure to know your rights within the state regarding the whole moving situation. 

If you are moving to a new neighborhood, make sure to research schools, banks, and grocery stores new to you. 

Six Weeks

When you go around the house, look through your closets, basement, and other storage areas, and decide what would make the cut. 

Once you have sorted everything into what would be sold, what would be packed, and what would temporarily go in the storage unit, that is when you start making a list and start packing. But you must pack the less essential items first. 

Once all the boxes have been sorted, begin by selling and donating the unwanted items. The next would be the items that you will be moving to the new house. Make sure to keep a list of all the types of boxes and all that they entail.

Two Weeks

This is the week you start cleaning out your fridge. No need to stock up on groceries right now. You will do that in your new place. Start with disassembling your furniture. 

Make sure that you have a couple of mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, or your family to sleep on. Once you have done that, you will move on to appliances like freezers, etc. 

Have a professional come in disconnect the lines. Never do it yourself!

The Moving Week

This is when you finally make the big shift! The first thing you will do is turn off all the utilities in your home and turn them on in your new one. Back up all the data on your computer, and dispose of the flammable items. 

Have each of the family members pack their suitcases with their personal items. 

The first day of the week should be filled with you packing your clothes and other such items. 

Call in the cleaning company to make sure every area of the house is neat. Make sure not to keep hitting snooze on moving day, and tip your movers!


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